972 Breakdowns – On the Landway to New York

Above and Below

Adelheid, Kornelius & the Deaths

After the Future

Against the Tide

Berlin Excelsior

Bye Bye Berlin

Chaja & Mimi

ciao Aracà

Concrete Gold


Country no.1 – Fall 2001 in New York

alleine tanzen

Dancing Alone

Depth of field

Dialogue Earth

Fifteen Rooms

For the Love of Survival

Franco on Trial: The Spanish Nuremberg?

Free Speech Fear Free

Frozen Conflict


Going Alone


Hinterm Deich wird alles gut

How About Having a Fascination of Mind

I came to Palestine …

In Between Fridays Cover

In Between Fridays

In Free Fall

Ink of Yam

Into the Circle

Jewels of the street

Kabul, City in the Wind

Le Beau Danger

Learning to Milk a Cow

Long Echo

Love in the Face of Genocide

Luft zum Atmen

Master of Disaster

My Two Polish Loves

No One Misses Me!

One hand the other

Out in East Berlin

Percy Schmeiser – David vs. Monsanto

Postcard to Daddy

Power to the Children


Rules of the Assembly Line, at High Speed

Setting the Course

Seven Waters

Shot in the Dark

Solidarity According to Women

Taste of Hope

The Bomb Hunters

The Cockettes

The Farmer and His Prince

The freedom last but one

The GDR Complex

The Loud Spring

The Pastor’s Children – Punks, Politicians and Philosophers

The Rojava Experiment

The sleeper

The Watch

These few years


Transit Line


We Weren’t Given Anything for Free

Women Composers

Women form gangs – a search for clues to the history of the Red Zora

Work Hard – Play Hard

Yves’ Promise