The freedom last but one

Director: Stefan Auch / 66 min. / 2018 / German, Hebrew, Czech (ST: English, German, Hebrew, Czech, Spanish) / Germany, Czech Republic

The blue sky arching above the young boy in Auschwitz-Birkenau is his refuge. And so it remains. In his diaries, survivor Otto Dov Kulka crafts landscapes. The film mirrors them.

Director: Stefan Auch
Production: Stefan Auch, Anna Bürgermeisterová
Script: Stefan Auch, Markus Bauer
Cinematography: Katinka Zeuner
Editing: Anna Theil

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The blue sky arching above the young boy in Auschwitz-Birkenau is his refuge. And so it remains. Otto Dov Kulka, survivor of the Family Camp and prominent historian, long retained deep within himself the memories of his childhood. When at an advanced age he decides to share them, he succeeds in the impossible – his renowned book Landscapes of the Metropolis of Death invents a wholly new language for living with Auschwitz.

In his diaries, dreams and tape recordings, he crafts landscapes. The film mirrors them in the images of the Dead Sea, orange groves, Jerusalem‘s Old City. Words and images meld, in a fusion poetic, horrific – they testify to the burden of living on, the sheer power of survival. Tireless in pursuit, Otto Dov Kulka explores the question of the origin of Evil. And he reveals a pact which has brought him to the point where he can unlock and open his interior world.

The Freedom Last But One – Landscapes of Otto Dov Kulka

Otto Dov Kulka, Eliora Kulka Soroa, and Esther Rachow

Director: Stefan Auch
Screenplay: Stefan Auch, Markus Bauer
Camera: Katinka Zeuner
Editing: Anna Theil
Sound: Oliver Eberhard
Production: Stefan Auch, Anna Burgerová, OUT OF FOCUS, filmArche
Grading: Sebastian Bodirsky
Dramaturgical advice: Miki Kohn, Simon Brückner
Assistant Editor: Sharon On

German-Czech future fund, self-help network, Ursula Lachnit-Fixon Foundation, educational modules against anti-Semitism, etc.


Stephen Auch
Born in 1979. 2000-2008 studied sociology in Freiburg, Buenos Aires and Berlin. 2009-2011 work for the Visual History Archive at the Free University in Berlin. 2010-2013 studied camera and documentary directing at filmArche Berlin. Works independently as a documentary film director, cinematographer and curator.

Filmography (selection)
Camera | Director: Justin Time | Documentary | 60 mins | 2017
Director, Production, Camera | Documentary | 67 mins | 2013


Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival 2018