docfilm42 – independent documentary film initiative

docfilm42 is a curated web portal which offers a range of independent documentary films and makes them available for streaming. This opens up new ways to reach a wider audience.

docfilm42 particularly promotes the visibility of independent documentary and semi-documentary film projects, for example by organising film screenings and events with filmmakers.

docfilm42 provides background information about independently produced films, particularly about the documentary films on our website, both analogue and digital, and in different formats.

docfilm42 promotes the networking of film-makers, particularly documentary filmmakers, and also cooperates with other artistic and cultural associations and institutions.

docfilm42 is a workspace for documentary formats. This includes curators, festival workers and distributors.

docfilm42 cooperates with the streaming platform sooner.de, where we are represented with our own channel. We also have links to other platforms. The range of films on docfilm42.de is continually expanded. Our team selects using transparent criteria based on diversity and social and artistic relevance.

docfilm42 understands documentary work to be a discussion on political, social, historic, scientific and social themes using artistic methods. Diversity, multiperspectivity, the global south, democracy and women’s rights, climate-friendly action and sustainability are all important aspects.

docfilm42 is involved in the development and implementation of innovative and courageous media formats, structures and financing models for making and distributing documentary films.

docfilm42 sees itself as a media-political platform which participates in current debates, networks with other organisations and associations and helps film-makers have a voice in the media-political world.

docfilm42 offers its members and associates a space for collaborative exchange, think tanks and the development of innovative models through regular meetings, online platforms and newsletters. One of the goals is to achieve non-commercial funding for independent film-making away from film funding and funding by TV and streaming platforms.


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