Against the Tide

Thomas Walter has been sought by the German authorities for 25 years for being a “left-wing radical terrorist” and “a member of a terrorist organization.” In early 2017, he unexpectedly resurfaced from a life underground to apply for asylum in Venezuela.

Franco on Trial: The Spanish Nuremberg?

It is one of the darkest chapters in recent European history: the genocide in Spain, committed during the coup d’état in 1936, the subsequent almost three-year war (1936-1939) and the following fascist dictatorship of General Franco (1939-1977). After a failed attempt in 2008 to bring these crimes to justice in a Spanish court, the Argentinean judiciary has been attempting since 2010 to try alleged perpetrators of Franco’s dictatorship, who are still alive, for crimes against humanity. Is this the end of decades of impunity?

Free Speech Fear Free

In this compelling documentary, director, Tarquin Ramsay, asks only one question: what is freedom of speech?
He began this project at the age of 15 with no clear idea of what freedom of speech really was. He spoke to whistleblowers, famous actors, investigative journalists, world-renowned hackers and other advocates of free speech. He takes us on a journey to better understand what freedom of speech is really about, what its true meaning is and what threats and restrictions it faces today.

Bye Bye Berlin

“Between the dismantling of the wheel and the erection of the cross, Berlin died for me”. That’s what Italian filmmaker Antonio Nábolo said. He was referring to the dismantling of the robber wheel in front of the Volksbühne, at the end of Frank Castorf’s directorship, and the erection of the cross on the dome of the Humboldt Forum. It is done: after 1066 days, almost three years, Berlin’s agony has ended. “Bye Bye Berlin” by Antonio Nábolo and Eberhard Spreng documents the dying process, a film-within-a-film adventure, a journey through the labyrinth of Berlin’s present and history.

The freedom last but one

The blue sky arching above the young boy in Auschwitz-Birkenau is his refuge. And so it remains. In his diaries, survivor Otto Dov Kulka crafts landscapes. The film mirrors them.

Power to the Children

The film takes the perspective of the children to tell us about the challenges they have to face in a society that expects them to follow the example of adults.
We will see how these children have opted to take a new path – with determination, courage and creativity.

Solidarity According to Women

The feature-length documentary entitled Solidarity according to women is a story about some of the brave Polish women whose wisdom, determination and commitment in the opposition movement of the 1980s helped bring about a change of the political reality in Poland. The link between two aspects of the film is Marta Dzido – its co-director and narrator. Born in 1981, being a symbolic daughter of the Solidarity movement, Dzido makes an attempt at locating and reinstating women who were written out of recent Polish history.

The Bomb Hunters

A bomb victim, a small-town mayor and an intrepid bomb squad race against time to liberate their city from over 300 undetonated World War II bombs before they go off.