Hinterm Deich wird alles gut

Higher and higher, faster and faster, further and further – capitalism is destroying our livelihoods. 89% of Germans wish for a different economic system. In North Friesland, people are not content with wishing; they’ve taken action!

Above and Below

From Mars. Onto the earth. Below the surface.

Master of Disaster

How does disaster management actually work?
Epidemics, crises, attacks: Small and large-scale disasters are played out in Germany on an almost weekly basis. They range from local fire drills to large-scale scenarios with hundreds of participants.
The film shows images from a hidden parallel universe.
Master of Disaster. Training for Disaster.

Power to the Children

The film takes the perspective of the children to tell us about the challenges they have to face in a society that expects them to follow the example of adults.
We will see how these children have opted to take a new path – with determination, courage and creativity.

Ink of Yam

A bang. Silence. Sirens. Window panes shake, but the needle continues to stab ink under the skin. Ink of Yam tells stories from one of the oldest tattoo studios in Jerusalem.

Adelheid, Kornelius & the Deaths

Two eccentric millionaires have been married for 53 years. Kornelius is the dominant one. Adelheid always goes along with everything without objection. Both lead an individualistic, ascetic and sustainable lifestyle and have a mutually symbiotic relationship. Kornelius’ cancer diagnosis abruptly brings home the fragility of life. From then on, Adelheid prepares herself for widowhood. She begins to emancipate herself and wants to become more independent, for she suspects that she will outlive her beloved husband.

In Free Fall

Boris and Marina belong to a formerly proud family of shepherds from the Altai Mountains who lost their livelihood after the collapse of the Soviet Union. When radioactive space debris hits the ground next to their hut one night the clever couple demand compensation from the Russian space agency, Roskosmos, and their story goes around the world. The film starts here, but doesn’t become sensationalist; rather it delves deep into the lives of people who were simply forgotten after distant political changes upended their lives.