Seven Waters

Seven stories about water. Seven stories with people who work with water: whisky distillers, pump builders, lock keepers, fishermen, water technicians, ferrymen and an olive farmer all explain how they deal with the living element. The film was shot in seven different locations in Scotland, France, Germany, Switzerland and Spain.

Shot in the Dark

Three blind artists transform their visual impairment into visual potential. They make their inner images visible through photographs. The image as an idea – the idea as an image.

Bye Bye Berlin

“Between the dismantling of the wheel and the erection of the cross, Berlin died for me”. That’s what Italian filmmaker Antonio Nábolo said. He was referring to the dismantling of the robber wheel in front of the Volksbühne, at the end of Frank Castorf’s directorship, and the erection of the cross on the dome of the Humboldt Forum. It is done: after 1066 days, almost three years, Berlin’s agony has ended. “Bye Bye Berlin” by Antonio Nábolo and Eberhard Spreng documents the dying process, a film-within-a-film adventure, a journey through the labyrinth of Berlin’s present and history.

Women Composers

Women composers – a cinematic and musical search for their roots.

Ink of Yam

A bang. Silence. Sirens. Window panes shake, but the needle continues to stab ink under the skin. Ink of Yam tells stories from one of the oldest tattoo studios in Jerusalem.

In Free Fall

Boris and Marina belong to a formerly proud family of shepherds from the Altai Mountains who lost their livelihood after the collapse of the Soviet Union. When radioactive space debris hits the ground next to their hut one night the clever couple demand compensation from the Russian space agency, Roskosmos, and their story goes around the world. The film starts here, but doesn’t become sensationalist; rather it delves deep into the lives of people who were simply forgotten after distant political changes upended their lives.