We Weren’t Given Anything for Free

Annita Malavasi was an Italian partisan during the Second World War and one of the few female commanders in the resistance. She spent over a year in the Apennines, fighting against the German occupation. At the same time, she had to assert herself in the male-dominated Italian society.

Chaja & Mimi

Chaja Florentin and Mimi Frons, grown up in Berlin, had to escape to Palestine from the Nazis in 1934. In a café in Tel Aviv they reflect about their difficult relationship to Berlin.

Franco on Trial: The Spanish Nuremberg?

It is one of the darkest chapters in recent European history: the genocide in Spain, committed during the coup d’état in 1936, the subsequent almost three-year war (1936-1939) and the following fascist dictatorship of General Franco (1939-1977). After a failed attempt in 2008 to bring these crimes to justice in a Spanish court, the Argentinean judiciary has been attempting since 2010 to try alleged perpetrators of Franco’s dictatorship, who are still alive, for crimes against humanity. Is this the end of decades of impunity?

The freedom last but one

The blue sky arching above the young boy in Auschwitz-Birkenau is his refuge. And so it remains. In his diaries, survivor Otto Dov Kulka crafts landscapes. The film mirrors them.

The Bomb Hunters

A bomb victim, a small-town mayor and an intrepid bomb squad race against time to liberate their city from over 300 undetonated World War II bombs before they go off.

My Two Polish Loves

The ghosts of the past are the stories of the future.

Depth of field

With its image axis repeatedly tilting and tipping out of frame, DEPTH OF FIELD examines three places in the German city of Nuremberg haunted by and struggling against the memory of racist murders committed there by a far-right terrorist group between 2000 and 2005.