Percy Schmeiser – David vs. Monsanto

DAVID Percy Schmeiser brings the chemical and agricultural multinational MONSANTO to its knees after almost a decade of struggle. The film tells the story of the courageous Canadian farmer who stood up to the billion-dollar company.

For the Love of Survival

A journey to eight courageous people who have turned away from conventions, from agricultural poisons, from inhumane working methods and have turned to an agriculture that manages the land without poisons and without destroying soil fertility.

In Free Fall

Boris and Marina belong to a formerly proud family of shepherds from the Altai Mountains who lost their livelihood after the collapse of the Soviet Union. When radioactive space debris hits the ground next to their hut one night the clever couple demand compensation from the Russian space agency, Roskosmos, and their story goes around the world. The film starts here, but doesn’t become sensationalist; rather it delves deep into the lives of people who were simply forgotten after distant political changes upended their lives.