Women Composers

Women composers – a cinematic and musical search for their roots.

Luft zum Atmen

For 40 years, the Group of Oppositional Trade Unionists (GoG) wrote company policy at Opel in Bochum. In doing so, it helped the workforce become one of the most militant in the German automotive industry.

The freedom last but one

The blue sky arching above the young boy in Auschwitz-Birkenau is his refuge. And so it remains. In his diaries, survivor Otto Dov Kulka crafts landscapes. The film mirrors them.

The Bomb Hunters

A bomb victim, a small-town mayor and an intrepid bomb squad race against time to liberate their city from over 300 undetonated World War II bombs before they go off.

My Two Polish Loves

The ghosts of the past are the stories of the future.