What kinds of films is docfilm42 looking for?

This short post answers the frequent question: “What kinds of films is docfilm42 looking for?“

We are happy to receive films which contribute constructively to the investigation of historical and current social issues and promote debate.

In particular, we are looking for films dealing with topics that reflect social and cultural diversity. This should also be evident behind the camera. That is why we especially welcome female directors and/or those with migrant backgrounds, as well as directors who are POC and/or LGBTQ.

Our curation process is based on a transparent selection catalogue with a point system.

These are some of our selection criteria:

  • largely independently financed
  • without large budget or major production support
  • largely own production
  • social relevance
  • quality of filmmaking craft
  • TV participation and/or broadcast not grounds for exclusion
  • high quality cinematography and editing
  • no typical TV formats
  • fulfillment of technical requirements such as HD
  • focus: new and experimental cinematic approaches
  • films should be recent productions (last few years)
  • maximum of three films per filmmaker online at the same time


What we expect of our filmmakers

Our platform is based on the principle of solidarity. As this is crucial for us, we expect the following:

The filmmakers should organize at least (ideally more than) one public screening of their films, followed by a Q&A or panel. The filmmakers should also promote others’ films and the platform and community as a whole.

The filmmakers should have an active social media presence. We encourage them to promote our common platform docflm42 on a regular basis and also support other film events besides their own.

Our goal is to develop docfilm42 into a network for independent documentary filmmakers which promotes cooperation and resource sharing.