42 in reverse – how can this year not be excellent / Events in February

Dear friends of docfilm42,

We wish you the best for (20)24!

42 in reverse – how can this year not be excellent.

For all those who have always wondered why 42, we recommend using search engines instead ChatGPT.
All your questions will be answered.

We started four years ago with the aim of creating a platform and more visibility for independent documentary films.
Since then, we have already collected 70 films on our website docfilm42.de. Treasures that would otherwise mostly remain isolated in the orbit of the web. Here you will find links and in-depth information about the films in both German and English.

However, we have not left it at that.
In numerous film screenings with sophisticated film discussions both online and IRL, we have watched and discussed films and given the filmmakers the opportunity to present their work to an interested audience.

Our collaboration with some partners, such as the nationwide documentary film week “LETsDOK” and the inclusion festival “Superkunst“, has become more permanent. Other partners, such as NETZ für Selbstverwaltung und Kooperation Berlin-Brandenburg and Europe’s largest self-organized film school filmArche, have been added. And old collaborations, such as with the Erich Zeigner Haus in Leipzig for “Docs on tour”, are to be taken up again.
We have no shortage of ideas and enthusiasm.

But we need growth in our program group, new association members and more financial support to be able to continue and expand our work.

You can become a member for just €42(!) a year and help us plan our work more reliably. You can find the membership form here.

In addition, our association has been a non-profit organization for over a year now. This means your donations to us are tax deductible!

We are also looking for a person who has been unemployed for some time, is enthusiastic about documentary films and is confident and open-minded when it comes to the Internet and digital media. If you are interested in our work, we can work out the possibilities of job funding together.

In the coming months, we will continue with various cinema screenings in collaboration with filmArche – twice in February with five films.

1. docfilm42 presents filmArche,
the self-organized film school

followed by talks with the filmmakers!

THU,15.02.2024, 19:00 h
b-ware! cinema
Gärtnerstr. 19
10245 Berlin

No Future in Kladuša
Director: Kai Liesegang / 7 min / 2021 / Germany / English (subtitles: English)
This short film accompanies B. from Kashmir in his daily struggles at the Bosnian-Croatian border. B.’s fate is symbolic of the EU’s inhumane policy of sealing people off.

You should have stayed at home
Director: Aline Juárez / 5 min. / 2020 / Germany / German (subtitles: English)
The documentary tells the experience of a woman of color while she’s in detention for taking pictures of an action against arms export during the Covid19 lockdown in Berlin.

CLOUD MAKING MACHINE – Between home & homeland
Director: Susanne Dzeik / 75 min. / 2017 / Germany / English, German,
Arabic, Dari, Fulfulde (subtitles: German)
Firas, Jallow and Batoul are new to Berlin and meet in a theater group. They are looking for the good life in Germany. But nothing is as they expected. In video letters, they reveal themselves to their closest confidants in their war-torn and poverty-stricken homeland.

2. docfilm42 presents filmArche,
the self-organized film school

followed by discussions with the filmmakers!

THU, 29.02.2024, 19:00 h
b-ware! cinema
Gärtnerstr. 19
10245 berlin

What you get to see
Director: Marielle Gutermann / 3:30 min / 2021 / Germany / English
A short film exploring the relationship between body and space and the power dynamics between a performer and their audience.

One hand the other
Director: Janis Westphal/ Lenna Fichter / 69 min. / 2022 / German (subtitles: English) / Germany
Martina is in a wheelchair. In order to be able to live her everyday life at home, she uses personal assistance. When Sandra starts working with her, the two of them carefully feel their way and slowly get to know each other. In the extreme intimacy we experience, the tenderness of the gestures also reveals the harshness of the situation. It is a fragile dance between closeness and distance that demands a lot from the two protagonists.

Best regards
Your docfilm42 team